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  3. St Davids School


    Graduation and End of Year Program
  4. St Davids School


    Graduation and End of the Year Ceremony
  5. Last Day of the School Year
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    Easter Break
  7. until
    Spring Break
  8. Teacher Workday
  9. Annual St. Jude's Fundraiser Day. Classes will rotate through activities. Activities will include snow cones, bicycling, and snow play. DEPENDENT UPON COVID 19 Restrictions
  10. Martin Luther King Holiday
  11. Teacher Workday
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    Teacher Workdays
  13. St Davids School


    Christmas and Winter Break
  14. Annual Christmas Program
  15. until
    Happy Thanksgiving Give Thanks unto the Lord, Call on His name...Psalms 105:1
  16. Labor Day Observance
  17. First day for Tuesday/Thursday CLasses
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